RBL – Kelley Everette

So after 3 days of the stomach flu and not being able to eat or drink enough water, I am completely drained! I feel like I have absolutely no energy for anything. I slowly started back eating today but definitely not enough to fuel my body. I completely understand what it means now when people say food is fuel. I definitely hope that tomorrow is better and that I am able to get a good breakfast in to fuel my workout. Through this journey I have learned so much about food and my limits with food. As someone who is recovering from binge eating it’s very important that my relationship with food is healthy and not a crash diet. As I continue to learn more and respect and love my body by providing it nutritious food I can feel the changes that come with it.

Trying to hang in there

Life is a struggle sometimes. After finishing RBL and taking on the rest of this journey on my own, I was ready to get at it! For 2 weeks or so I did great! Dropping another 6lbs.. then bronchitis hit. I am now in week 4 and 2nd round of antibiotics for this terrible sickness!! I pushed myself this week to get back to working out since the onset. I had gained the 6lbs I lost back on. I havent felt like focusing on the foods I had been eating, or making sure to get my water intake in. I changed that this week too. Gotta get back on track, whether my body likes it or not — although, after last night, I think I will rest from strenuous exercising until my lungs/chest gets better. Overheating causes the coughing and wheezing to worsen. Just want to stay focussed on this journey and continue to better myself. Keep me in your prayers that this illness passes soon. Stay focused! Be blessed!

Still going strong

It is hard to believe a month has gone by since our 5K. I have taken everything I have learned during the 12 week process and tried to keep using it and moving forward. I even kept going to the gym for a couple of weeks after the 5K. Then life hit and it hit hard. My son has always been my healthy one and that all changed last fall. He had continued to go down hill and the doctor finally decided it was time for surgery. He has now been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and been put on a dairy free diet. The old me would have gone into stress eat mode and piled on more weight. This was a test and I was determined to pass it. I took in a deep breath and said God I know you have this and you knew this was coming so I have to trust you. I sat in the operating waiting room eating a protein bar and drinking my water instead of a Mt Dew and a bag of chips with a bag of candy. I kept pushing through these last few weeks of our new normal and stayed pretty close to the new healthy eating plan. I couldn’t make it to the gym with everything going on with him and his new diet and medication. I stayed as active as I could and did little workouts at home. Today was my first day back at the gym since May 3rd. I fully expected that I would have either gained a pound or two but would have been grateful to see the same weight I saw May 2nd. I was pleasantly surprised to see I had lost 3 lbs since then. 15 pounds since starting RBL!!! I still have a ways to go but this showed me just how important nutrition is. I make my family crazy with macronutrients but it is paying off. Now I am even more motivated to get back in the gym and see what happens.


I can’t believe our 12 weeks of Rob’s Big Loosers has come to an end.  Man did those 12 weeks go by quick.

The coaches and everyone who was a part of Rob’s Big Loosers was so supportive and encouraging, especially fellow LOOSERS.  Leslie’s weekly challenges and at home workouts really helped me stay on track.  I have already set a new 12 week goal and I am scheduling weekly workouts along with meal planning to continue my healthy lifestyle.

It felt so good accomplishing my 12 week weight loss goal of at least 30 pounds and finishing the 5K in under 30 minutes.  Thank you, thank you…….Sue, Leslie, Team, YMCA, His Radio, and Sponsors for all your help and support.  A special thank you to Rob for using your weight loss journey to help others.

I am excited about what each of us will accomplish over the next year and can’t wait to see who else is impacted by this awesome ministry in 2019.

Time flies when you’re having..

Who knew going to the gym, sweating, hardly able to move the next day could turn into something “fun”… but it has. It has become fun for me because I am able to look back and realize how far I have really come! I hate to see RBL end.. but so thankful for RBL helping me begin.

12 weeks ago I would have never thought it would be possible to walk 1.5 miles, carrying on a conversation through-out. But we did that last night! 12 weeks ago I got winded going from my house to my mailbox – my front yard is not very big. To me, that is bigger than any other success I could ever accomplish. With 2 little grandsons just coming up, I want to be able to keep up with them, play ball and chase them around the yard! I can now chase after the 20 month old much better than I could then.

With making my weight goal, exceeding stregnth goals, suprising myself with stamina goals and most importantly – FEELING BETTER .. I am looking forward to not only the next 12 weeks, but the rest of my life!! Having some weeks of not losing, or only losing a pound or 2 may not have seemed great at the time, but looking back, after it had accumulated since the beginning, it has been worth the struggle of pushing through!

Thank you to HIS Radio, to Rob for helping others in this powerful journey, to the Y for changing my mentality – turning my cants into cans, to all the coaches for helping me learn how to do it the right way, to all of the other RBLs (especially my wolfpack) who have given me so much encouragement along the way! Now lets kick this 5k and continue with the next phase on our journey!!

12 weeks flew by

Wow, it is hard to believe that tomorrow 12 weeks will be finished. I remember walking into that YMCA gym scared and unsure of what I had gotten myself into. I was never a gym rat and had some really poor eating habits that needed to be corrected. 12 weeks later, I am 12 lbs lighter and have lost 9+ inches. I am down 2 pants sizes. I have also become a gym rat. I love going to the gym and seeing myself becoming stronger and healthier. I have better eating habits and have learned how to not let food be my go. As my daughter would say, I have become a health nut. Tomorrow is our big day – our 5K. These knees won’t let me run it and I am ok with that. I will walk most of it with some small periods of jogging. My goal is under an hour. Tomorrow may end RBL but it is just the beginning of a new chapter in my story. I am not stopping here but just beginning the next part of this journey.