Hi, my name is Jan Parr and I am so excited to be a part of Rob’s Biggest Losers 2015.  I am on the Eastside Y Team and have been so pumped up all week I cannot believe it myself.  I cannot believe the number of people who are a part of this program and how supportive everyone is.  God has blessed me so much by giving me friends who are showing me their support as I begin my journey to health.  I had 56 people who liked or put comments on my face book page when I shared my great news on Tuesday night.  What a blessing.

Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”   This has been my go to bible verse for many years and God has proven it over and over and over so many times in my life.   I opened my bible to this passage as soon as I got home on Tuesday night so that I could read it every time I sit down at my computer.

I already know that the Eastside Y team is going to rock this program.  We have already been working out this week together and it feels great.  We have really awesome mentors and a great team!  This week was the first time I have worked out for a very long time (years).  I started on Wednesday with a 1.1 mile walk around the neighborhood with my soon to be 10 year old fur baby and best buddy, pit bull named Tiger.

When the rain prevented us from walking on Thursday I checked out the Y for the first time.  I felt like a celebrity when I walked in and the girls at the front desk cheered.  What a welcome!  After warming up for 20 minutes on the stationary bike and with the encouragement of my mentor, Lori Dyar and my team member, Paula Eill, I made it through my very first Zumba class.  What an experience, to dance for an entire hour without stopping.  I DID IT!

With the encouragement the next morning from my husband, I went back to the Y to walk out the soreness in my muscles.  He reminded me not to stop or give up but to keep going.  I felt discouraged because I only burned 300 calories which didn’t seem like much.  I had to convince myself that it was more than I had done in a very long time.  I went to the Y again on Saturday, WOW, three days in a row.  I really can do this.  Once again my team members (Paula Eill, Lori Maxey and Annette Brown) were their to support me.  Thank you, Paula Eill for encouraging me to hang in there every few minutes or so it seemed.  Congratulations Lori and Annette for making it through your first Zumba class.

I am looking forward to my journey to health and where each of my team members along with me will be in twelve weeks when we finish the 5k together.