8 thoughts on “RBL Video”

  1. I just watched your video for the first time. It left me with chills and tears. God is good and amazing and all we have to do is to turn it all to him. He will give us the strength to do it all. You are amazing and I think you and HIs Radio for offering me the opportunity to continue my run toward a healthier life. You are the man:). Sharon K. Hyatt – 2013 Rob’s Biggest Loser’s participant.

  2. Hi Mr. Rob,
    I just found out about you and your Radio station about 3 weeks ago. You are a blessing to the community and I would like to find out for myself about your Biggest Loser program.


  3. I go to bed and wake up with you every morning??? To clarify i never turn of His Radio. lol God bless all who are involved inthis wonderful radio station.

  4. I am so excited that I was called to come to the kickoff and possibly be chosen to be one of the special 40. I got the call while I was teaching school and wrote the info on a sticky note. I came back to find it has be thrown away! I know the kickoff is at springwell and to wear workout clothes. I can’t remember if it is the 20th or 21st and the times! Help!

    Ann Marie Robinson

  5. Hey Rob,
    I’m part of your “work from home” team…..
    Sometimes it’s difficult to stay on track, but I find that if I get off the couch and move, I feel better! Yesterday I fell off the wagon & ate chips & nachos…..I felt terrible!!! The exercise journal is a HUGE incentive! That gives me the movitation to keep eating a healthy diet, as well as hearing you say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” That over, I began again today…AMEN!

  6. I’ve listened to WLFJ for many years. I’m also familiar with Rob’s weight loss story, but not his testimony. .Jesus is awesome.also, I once weighed 208 pounds, many years ago.I have gained some back on occasions,such as pregnancy,foot surgery, and the death of my mother 20 years ago.but not too much, and with God’s help I always lost it back. I just want to say to all this years participants, I’m proud of you all and will be praying for you.

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