It’s been an amazing ride!

What an amazing time getting to see everyone at the 5K.  You all did an incredible job and you should feel proud of your weight loss. What an honor it was to have this amazing opportunity with everyone. I want to thank His Radio, Rob Dempsey and the Greenville County YMCA for providing this journey for us.  I also want to thank my trainer Misty Beacham and Tamika Pollard for your encouragement to keep pressing on.  To all my Eastside RBL family, let’s keep it going and finished what we started. I am still working towards my goal to lose 40 more pounds.  I just want to encourage each of you to keep going and let’s help each other.  This is not the end, it’s just the beginning of a new healthy life.  We must make a constant effort every day to keep using the tools we have learned during this 12-week challenge.  When I started twelve weeks ago, I had trouble breathing, I had trouble sleeping, I didn’t have any energy and all my clothes felt uncomfortable.  Since losing the weight I cannot tell you how much better I feel.  I am sore from workouts and I have trouble with my knee but it’s a good feeling to breathe better, to sleep better and to feel comfortable in my own skin. Let’s keep it going!GroupChange

Pushing Beyond The Pain

What a week it has been. The excuse not to work out seems to be getting easier as I get busier at work and life seems to get in the way. Most of the week I have been having to work out later than normal, which is putting me home well after 9pm. I have work reports to finish because I worked out instead, not to mention being so tired, I can’t even think about blogging. painWhat kept me going this week that I was able to move a notch in the belt, which was good because I was at my last one. That was motivation enough to keep going. This was a very tough and exhausting week for me at the Y. I pushed myself harder than I had before in any of the previous weeks. I am happy to say I went farther and burnt more calories than I ever had, but I did pay a price. My feet are swollen, blisters, feet pain and not sure if I can walk one more step much less the work out I am about to do. A big thank you to my wife for the foot rubs and applying muscle cream to my feet to help the pain. At the end of this week, I was able to wear a pair of pants I had bought a smaller size by accident and I couldn’t take back…. YES!!! Plus, another notch in the belt. It looks like another week of pain, but it couldn’t feel better.

I’m Not Meant To Be Silent

Hello World,

I’m super excited & honored to even be a part of Rob’s Big Loser 2016. Although my mind cannot even fathom what a blessing this 12-week journey with the EastsideY will be, I can honestly say I feel it in my spirit. But if I’m being honest, with excitement I also feel a bit nervous. But I know this journey will not hurt me, it will help me so I’m choosing to do it anyway.

Spiritually, I worked through a lot last year and made some great strides in the right direction mentally as well. I even lost some weight along the way. Admittedly, I gained some of the weight back. Not all of it, but definitely more than the 10 pounds I initially allotted myself. But what I now appreciate about myself is the recognition that I have to make a conscious decision to move onward and upward despite what life throws at me.

While I’m celebrating because I’m not where I was, I’m also kicking myself in the behind because I’m not where I could be. But perhaps I’m where I should be. After all, everything thus far has brought me to this moment, this opportunity, & introduced me to such an amazing group of people. I am so thankful I get to experience this with 70+ other people who like me, have struggled to turn a corner. I feel God nudging me to conquer this part of my life and I know I’m suppose to share my journey with as many people as I can.

God has called me to such a level of excellence that no longer is it okay for me to stay where I am. It’s like a conviction or a restlessness within me. This thing goes beyond the numbers on a scale. I’m really thankful for this opportunity, and I’m super stoked to share my ups, downs, & roundabouts with my teammates & coaches as we move forward together towards transformation.


Tamika P.

“I’m letting go it’s time; leave my fear behind me; I’m ready now it’s time; leave my fear behind me; My dreams are loud and my heart’s wide awake; all I know is I’m not meant to be silent” – Tori Kelly