The Lies I Believed

This journey has been amazing. The opportunity to receive the fitness help and coaching has been incredible. But the biggest revelations have come in getting to know me better. I’ve believed a lot of things about myself that weren’t true, and God is using this process to not just get my body in shape, but also my mind.

Lies I believed

Being overweight meant I was less than others who didn’t have a weight problem. God doesn’t judge me by the number on the scale. Yes, He wants me to be healthy, but He can and will use me right where I am now.

I’m a night owl. Turns out I’m really a morning person. I would never have thought that was the case. But the discipline of this process has forced me to revisit my daily routine and I’ve discovered I do better when I get up early and go to bed early.

Fitness and health was a sacrifice and meant giving up some of the things I love. I’ve discovered that it’s not a sacrifice, it’s the path to freedom. I thought losing weight and being healthy meant giving up things. Instead I’ve learned that I’m not giving up anything, I’m just modifying my behavior and that is giving me more freedom than I ever imagined. I have more energy to do the things I love and more quality time to spend with my kids.

I have to manage my weight by myself. I was trying to do it first (and stupidly) without God because I was ashamed of the weight I’d gained. But I also hid it from the people who could help me. Now that I’ve opened up, I have an incredible support system. The help hasn’t just come from His Radio and the GHS YMCA, but from family, friends, and those of you following my journey here.

These are just some of the things I’m learning. I’ve also a adopted a weigh-loss Bible verse. I keep this in the front of my mind, especially when I’m struggling.

I shall run the way of Your commandments, For You will enlarge my heart. Psalm 119:32. (NASB)



Getting Back Up

Last week was a train wreck. My husband and I had a short vacation sandwiched between two business events—in 3 different states. While I kept up with cardio, I only was able to work in one day of strength training and my food choices were less than stellar.

I knew I needed to get back to the gym today, but I admit I was nervous. I worried that I would have lost some momentum. I have to admit that I even briefly considered not going. Instead I screwed up my courage and marched back into the gym.

It was tone of the best workouts I’ve had yet!

I faced my fear and came out the other side victorious. I had been dwelling only on the poor choices I made and ignoring the wise ones. I learned several valuable lessons:

  1. Even small wise choices count.
  2. Don’t dwell on the negative.
  3. Fitness is a process and the most important thing is not to give up.

I’m definitely back on the right track, and I think that next time I’ll be a little easier on myself. Life happens, and when it does it’s important to keep moving.

Texture and Color are the Key!

I’m learning so much during this fitness journey. I used to think of healthy living as a sacrifice. Now I KNOW differently. For me, this is a huge paradigm shift.

Snacking has always been a problem for me. I’m a writer and unfortunately I’ve trained the ideas to flow when I’m reaching my fingers into a bowl of crunchy goodies.

I thought I’d have to give up this habit, but I’ve found a satisfying snack I actually like better.

I cut up bell peppers, celery and carrots into small bits (reminiscent of those colored chocolate candies we al love so much). I put them in a bowl and snack away.

Since I’ve cut out almost all refined sugar in my diet, this mixture more than satisfies my sweet tooth. The crunchy texture and bright colors cover the rest.

The key is to spend a little time once or twice a week cutting up the veggies.

What have you found as a satisfying snack?