Texture and Color are the Key!

I’m learning so much during this fitness journey. I used to think of healthy living as a sacrifice. Now I KNOW differently. For me, this is a huge paradigm shift.

Snacking has always been a problem for me. I’m a writer and unfortunately I’ve trained the ideas to flow when I’m reaching my fingers into a bowl of crunchy goodies.

I thought I’d have to give up this habit, but I’ve found a satisfying snack I actually like better.

I cut up bell peppers, celery and carrots into small bits (reminiscent of those colored chocolate candies we al love so much). I put them in a bowl and snack away.

Since I’ve cut out almost all refined sugar in my diet, this mixture more than satisfies my sweet tooth. The crunchy texture and bright colors cover the rest.

The key is to spend a little time once or twice a week cutting up the veggies.

What have you found as a satisfying snack?

Back Home

My first trip to the gym on Monday after my time away was like coming home. I was met by the smiling faces at the GHS YMCA where yes—they know my name! No longer was walking into a gym like entering an environment where I didn’t feel I belonged. It’s hard to describe how joyful that makes me.

It was also a relief to get back into my workout routine. I immediately felt better physically. I tend to have back issues and I’ve discovered that working out regularly (alternating strength training and cardio) gets rid of the pain.

And I could feel God’s joy that I was finally making taking care of my body a priority.