The end of the beginning…

What started twelve weeks ago came to an end this past Saturday! What an amazing ride it has been! I am humbled, honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to be one of Rob’s Big Losers. It has been a journey unlike any other for me, as far as my health is concerned. I have met some amazing people! I have thoroughly enjoyed following the journeys of my fellow RBLs… Gus Edmundson, Jason Day, Tim Bryant, Andrea Huntley, Krisina Satterfield, and Rob Clayborn to name a few. The interesting thing is that I first met Gus, Jason and Tim this past Saturday at the RBL 5K Race.  We had been following each other’s journeys through the blogs and although we had never met face to face, there was instant camaraderie. Even though we were “competitors”, we were also brothers and sisters who had journeyed together over the past 12 weeks. We each arrived at Saturday’s finale having achieved different goals and yet, we were all winners! I love what Rob Dempsey said as he was recognizing those who had the highest % of weight loss. He stated, “Remember, everybody here is a winner! This is not a competition, this is an accomplishment.” Great job to all who started and finished RBL2017! Whether you sprinted, ran, walked or hobbled across the finish line Saturday, you finished! You did it! For that you should be extremely proud!  Congrats to Tim Bryant for being the overall winner! You earned it!

As for me, I am thankful for the journey I have been on over the past twelve weeks, but I am even more thankful for the beautiful partner that I have had journey with me! Jennifer Farr, you are amazing! I am so proud to be your husband. You encouraged and supported me so faithfully through it all, while at the same time, you were hustling and working hard to complete your own journey to health! Way to go babe! I am so proud of how far you’ve come. I am looking forward to continuing our journey together!

Twelve weeks ago it was hard for me to get up and move because of my weight; I basically had no stamina at all! I would breath heavy with every step I took and I was very limited in what I could do.

Today, I am a new person! I can walk without getting winded. I don’t come home from work and collapse in the recliner! I have more energy! I’m sleeping better and I need a wardrobe! How’s that for a twelve week metamorphosis?! I still have a long way to go but I am over halfway to my first milestone of losing 100 pounds (only 37 more to go!) It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”! That’s the beauty of this competition! If you commit to it and consistently do what the trainers and coaches tell you to do, you will see results, and you will have a change in attitude, heart and body!

I am so thankful for all who have joined with me on this journey.  Through it all I have felt God’s presence and the love & support from countless family and friends. For that I am eternally thankful! This is not the end for me, it is only the beginning!!!

“Look at the nations and watch – and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.”Habakkuk 1:5


His mercies are new everyday…

So I have psoriasis.  It is a skin disorder where you get thick, scaly,  red, ITCHY patches all over your skin. I have gotten rid of it a couple of times before by going gluten-free, but I find that lifestyle so hard to maintain. When I was chosen for RBL, I decided to go all in and go gluten-free in my diet as well. So I am happy to report that I have been one week GF, and already my psoriasis is starting to thin. Yay! It will take a couple of months before it is completely gone, by my estimation anyway, but I would love to be psoriasis free by the 5k!

On another note, I learned something else today. I learned to always keep snacks handy. I usually have a bag of snacks with me, at least since starting RBL, but today I left the house in a hurry and forgot to get them… ugh!! I ate out healthy for lunch… (grilled house salad from Zaxby’s with no fried onions or texas toast, and lite vinigrette dressing), but I wasn’t planning on being  out as late as I was. Went and completed my workout, which included the beast mode hill at GIT YMCA, and some rowing.  My nephew is in the hospital,  for what we thought was going to be emergency surgery, but God answered another prayer and gave us another miracle!! No surgery!!! He is feeling much better today too. But anyway, back to the point, I wanted to go see him. This put me out even later, and after that workout, I was starving. I ate a p3 pack… Love those, but it just wasnt enough tonight. Long story short, I ended up caving and wound up in a drive through line. Ugh….

I am not beating  myself up, as I learned a very important lesson, and as someone quoted on my Facebook page, “His mercies are new every morning” I just have to get up and keep going. Tomorrow is another day, and I have a long journey ahead of me… it wont be perfect, but I will get there. thank you to all of you for your words of encouragement and private messages with tips/tricks. You guys are a great support system! !

Week 1 Conquered!!!

So I have been at this a week now, and I am starting to feel stronger… except when Sue takes us down that hill for a walk/run!  That hill is massive at the TR YMCA!! Whew!!  I have noticed though that I took the hill better last night than the last time.  One day I will tackle that beast!

So what has changed in just one week?  I have learned that I am stronger than I think I am.  I have gained several friends, who are also interested in getting healthy and staying healthy.  I have learned about eating foods that are better for my body.  Before this week, I often battled insomnia, but I have learned that a good workout cures that really quick! I have learned that I really can manage a life at the gym with a life at work. I have learned that a good workout relieves the stress of the day.  I enjoy the comradery of working out with others that are trying to reach the same goal.  I like the YMCA.  I like ativtrax. I wish there was a pool sometimes.  I have learned that I can drink plain water- and actually enjoy it.  I have learned that exercise makes me feel better about me, even if I haven’t lost the weight yet, I still know I am doing something good for me.  For once in my life, I am making myself a priority, instead of someone else.

I know I am still at the beginning of this, but last night when I was running I kept thinking, “One step at a time, one foot in front of the other, It gets easier. You did this to yourself, you can take it off too.” 

Satan has a way of trying to distract you from you from what you should be doing with your life.  This week has been filled with lots of ways of trying to get me distracted.  Work week filled with lots of potential extra hours, Grandmother in hospital, sitting with my dad, and now my nephew is in the hospital.  This is typical of satan in my life.  I was determined he wasn’t going to get me this time though.  I didn’t care how behind I was at work, I was making the gym a priority.  Wednesday when I had to baby sit, I brought healthy foods with me, and made a point to get as much activity in as possible.  Today, I forced myself out of the bed, when I could have had a couple more hours sleep, and went to the grocery store.

This isn’t about the competition for me.  It is all about getting healthy and getting my life back on track. I have been trying new vegetables this week.  I am so not a veggie person.  If any of you have any ideas for new veggies for me to try or ways to try them, I will be happy to give it a try!!  

Gotta go but I enjoyed the chat!!


I need your help!

My weigh in was Thursday last week, so tomorrow will be one week.  Loving it so far!  Even the soreness feels like a blessing, at least I know I can do it.  Last night we completed our first walk/run, and it was harder than I thought it would be. The GIT YMCA has a KILLER hill!!  LOL!  I am looking forward to watching my body conquer it! A friend of mine posted on my Facebook page last night that this was my “WOW YEAR”!  Love that!  It is definitely going to be a great year!!  Loving the YMCA!  All the staff has been so helpful!  

I haven’t seen the pounds really drop off yet, like some others. I am only down about 3-4 pounds.  I will take it though. The competition aspect of this motivates me to succeed, but I didn’t sign up for the prizes…  it was just about getting healthy!  I want to feel good, look good, and have energy to play with my nephew when I can.  This is my year!!

There is one thing that I need your help with today guys!! Today is my first day since signing up that I cannot get to the gym, so I am going to do something a little different for my workout today.  I am sitting at my mom’s house with my nephew (4 years old), and father.  I am unable to leave the house, even to go for a walk,  because I have to watch them.  I did bring my water bottle and healthy foods with me, but I have no gym or workout equipment whatsoever here… so I need your help!!  COMMENT on my post with an at home exercise that I can do!  I promise I will do whatever you post!  LOL!  Bring it all!  I want a workout!!


Here I am!!!

Okay. let me start at the beginning.  I am 35 years old, and have been overweright the majority of my adult life. At one point in my life, I lost 95 pounds.  I was so proud of myself.  Then I had several huge lifestyle changes… I got married for starters, then for our first home, we moved into a house that had no kitchen.  I spent a long time using a hot plate and toaster oven while we remodeled.  Needless to say, we ate out, A BUNCH!!  A few months after we were married, I found out I was pregnant- that was the happiest day of my life at the time.  Unfortunately, a few short weeks later, I miscarried.  I was devestated- and I got depressed. I ate to comfort. I gained about 50 pounds back during that time, then I got a promotion at work, this promotion led to lots of stress eating.  I am definitely a stress eater.   So there I was… all that I had lost was now back on my hips and waist… I felt defeated. Although my husband and I have tried to get pregnant since our miscarriage, we haven’t had any luck. I have tried on my own for the past year or so, off and on, to lose the weight, just one yo-yo diet after another, and my weight has been a roller coaster.  I just cannot seem to find the balance between my new lifestyle and getting ME together.

One night,  I couldn’t sleep; it was 2 or so in the morning.  I was scrolling facebook to pass the time and hopefully, eventually drift off to sleep… I saw Rob Dempsey’s post about being a Rob’s Biggest Loser,  I didn’t hesitate.  I signed up right then; sent my photo in and everything.  I was thrilled when a few weeks later I received a phone call for an interview.

I told Lauren that I would make this a priority if I was chosen.  I really wanted to do this. I needed something to help keep me accountable and motiviate me, so that I could get in the habit and then continue it from here on out.  Having lost the weight once, I now know how critical it is to keep a maintenance plan in place once it is off.  I have already looked into 5k’s after April, so that I won’t stop once this ends. I won’t go back to being the person I am now.  I am going to put myself on the hook to keep this up.  I want to be able to run the Cooper River 10k next year, and GOD willing, I will.

I didn’t make it to the kick off, and I was so disappointed in myself for not being there. That Monday was holiday for me, so all day long Tuesday, it felt like Monday, and not Tuesday.  I must admit that I really thought I didn’t have a chance to get picked as well.

I was shocked when I received a phone call on the following day telling me that I had been chosen to be on the RBL team at GIT!  I was so thrilled!

I went Thursday night to the gym and met Sue!  LOVE HER!!  She is awesome! Did my assessment and got my shirt.  I went immediately to the grocery store, and stocked up on good, healthy foods.  Then went Friday night to do some cardio and met Will.  Love Sue and Will.  They are always so willing to help and very motivating. Today I did my first workout on ActivTrax.  I feel like putty still, but that is the best way to feel after a workout.

It wasn’t an accident I was chosen to be on this team.  God knew what he was doing!  I needed this.  I am blessed!  Thank you Rob Dempsey and His Radio for this opportunity.

I look forward to getting to know all of you on this journey to health! I will post as often as I can and give you insight into my emotions and my progress during the journey.

I am more than a conqueror!  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  I know that I can beat this!    God made me strong!  So here I am…  LET”S DO THIS!!