A Wait Problem or a Weight Problem?

Hi! My name is Edie and I have a wait problem.

No, that’s not a typo. Since I’m part of Rob’s Big Losers 2018, it’s safe for you to assume I also have a weight problem.

But early this year, God pointed out that one of underlying causes of my weight issue is my wait issue.

You see, I’ve let myself get sucked into this got-to-have-it-now culture in which we live. I’ve come to expect instant gratification and quick-fix dieting gimmicks. It’s let me to weigh in near the 200 lb mark. That’s hard for me to admit because I’ve always hidden my weight.

Back to my discussion with God.

He reminded me that it didn’t take me 2 months to put on this weight, and it’s ridiculous to continue with my impatient search for a way to lose it in 2 months. He also pointed out that all the immediate answers I’d been searching for had left Him out of the equation.

That stopped me in my tracks.

I hadn’t meant to leave Him out, but He was right. As I considered why I’d done that, I realized I’d fallen into another trap. I had somehow come to believe that because I’d gotten myself into this situation, I was the one who had to get myself out.

The truth is that God is always with us, no matter whether we’ve caused the problems we’re facing or not. His love and His grace are new every morning, and they’re infinite in the way He showers them on us.

I agreed with God right then and there and admitted I needed His guidance in this journey. It wasn’t many hours later that I heard about Rob’s Biggest Losers 2018 on His Radio.

That seemed like God’s confirmation that it was time to take a deep breath, pack up for a long-haul journey WITH God, and apply.

So now you know way more about me than you probably wanted to. But I’ve decided to quit running ahead of God, and hiding my struggle. Instead I’m going to let you travel with me as we see what God is going to do!