When The Finish Line Looks Different

I began this journey a very short twelve weeks ago. I was nervous and excited. I tried to keep my expectations in check, but sometimes my perfectionist tendencies got the better of me.

I found my rhythm and my tribe here with Robs Big Losers at the GHS YMCA. I discovered I could be that person who enjoyed working out.

And I discovered I’m a morning person!

I had weeks where I struggled and weeks where I experienced runners high. As we neared completion I was so excited to run my first 5k.

Then last week I blew out my knee.

Luckily there’s no surgery in my future, but there are regular visits to physical therapy.

And I was told no running until I’m pain free.

I felt like quitting. I cried a little, yelled a lot, and finally took my situation to God.

He reminded me of the victories I’ve already experienced. I’ve dropped 2 clothing sizes and seen a HUGE boost in what I can do physically. He also reminded me that crossing the finish line at a run isn’t the point of this journey.

So this weekend I’ll walk across the finish line, celebrating a win. I began this three-month journey with God and He’s seen me through. And I know He’ll continue to guide me on as I finish the journey to a healthier lifestyle!