My body said enough

I was planning on walking 19,000 steps today & 20,000 tomorrow. I’ve been walking almost every day even when I don’t run. I want to keep my metabolism & energy up & to lose weight faster. However, after my first long walk today I felt pain in my left foot.

At first I dismissed it until I finished my walk then I got in my car. I thought that’s just from walking more than usual on rough surfaces and maybe the shoes I’m wearing have something to do with it. Tried to relax my left foot in the car as much as I can until I get home. When I got home my foot started to hurt more and I began to locate the pain. It’s my ankle. I don’t think I twisted it but I must’ve sprained it by walking on uneven surfaces, especially with my weird strides and these shoes.

I’ve been wearing my worn out running shoes, knowing they’re too worn out for me. I bought a new pair but they started to hurt my feet and I haven’t had a chance to go by the store again (I’ve been walking a lot instead, ya know?).

Well now it’s catching up with me. I must breathe deep and let go of my plans for a weekend on my feet. I’ll let God guide my footsteps (literally & figuratively).

Oh and I’ve gotta get a better pair of shoes.

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