How did I get here?

How did I get here? Music!

When I was about 4yrs old I was next door Playing with my friend. We went outside and saw an old city bus sitting in my yard. My friend asked who is that.  I said I don‘t know let’s go see. As I was about to go in the house mom met me and said go outside and play. But later I found out after going to some Gospel singings that the bus belong to the Sego Brothers and Naomi. Mom had made friends with Naomi so I got to be around the group a lot. I thought these are our friends so I should listen to the music they sing.

As a child to me music was noise. Some I liked the sound of and some I did not like. As I got older I noticed this is not noise but a message or a story being told in song. Because of knowing the Group I paid attention to the music and leard a lot. Not to mention the fun times getting to ride on the bus. So knowing a group got me into music. Mostly Southern Gospel.
Now in 1987 when I came to Bible College in Greenville I had some good Southern Gospel Radio Stations to listen to. But I ran across this one station one night. HIS Radio 89.3. The night that The Sound of Light was playing. I had come from a different back ground than this. I thought what is all this devil music. Well for years I would not even turn to the station. Then I was working half of night shift and all of my 1st shift. The half of the night shift was like 2 or 3 in the morning untill I started my job. I was helpng out in a basement machine shop. I would be so sleepy I had to play the radio to stay awake. The only Christain station I could get was His Radio. Long story short it was not so bad after fighting my stubborness. But still got to stay away from that devil music they play on the weekend. Well at one of the Winter Jam Concerts I heard John Cooper tell a story about a song he did. It was very meaningful. Now I still could not understand him singing it but the kids did so I guss I have opened open to more than I thought I would.

Somethings I would still disagree with but I am inerested in getting the message out that Jesus Saves. It takes different people to reach different people. So now I have been listening for lots of years now. Hearing Rob’s story and the Big Losers over the years. I finaly tried out this year. So if God had not locked me in a basement with HIS Radio I might not be here. But this is how music got me here.

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