Well So it is a Slow Start

Here we are week 3 into this and I was able to get on last week to do a post and finally able to get one to do a second post.

Life has a way of sending ya curve balls at times and although you are wanting to do all you can sometimes you find that there just is not enough time in the day to get accomplished all ya want to do..

last night is a good example I wanted to do a post after I went to the Y to work out. Of course it was the “dreaded” leg day. I checked in and let staff know that my wife would not be there for an assessment because of that nice stomach bug that has been going around. Found out that the guy she was going to work with is church was affected by this same bug and about 30-45 people were out of church the day before.

So after talking for a few minutes and joking around some about one of the fun machines EVERYONE’S favorite the Abductor/Adductor. I went and printed off my list for the night now ting that this machine was going to be in my very near future.

So as I was skimming through the nice torture list, sometimes I wonder if the rack would be nicer to be one at least for the stretching portion, I was looking at the list and saw that the infamous machine was 2 of the last three to do with the last one being the Standing Calf Raise (1 Legged of course).

As my eyes glazed….. I mean uhmmm gazed over yeah yeah that’s it gazed over, those last three I was beginning to wonder how I was going to do. Well it did not take me long to find out. I was doing ok although had to go a little out of order due to others being on the machines but it was all good. I do know now that until I am better able to do it the last three will stay the last three.

I had to do the Ab/Ad-ductor prior to doing the leg lift and press and found out that I am getting old and need to really take it easy at times. My legs were killing me and knees were starting to buckle and of course after the machines I did the Standing Calf Raise, nothing like feeling the burn after I was done. I swear I thought I was having spaghetti last night for dinner but that was just my legs thinking they were noodles.

I was down only a pound this week so my plans were to hit the Y an do a lot of cardio this week however with today being valentines day I wonder how much trouble I will get in if I have a box or two of chocolate and a side of Pizza for dessert??? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN first I would be hurt by our leader at the Y then just to be safe I have the feeling there would be a line behind her to knock some sense in my head. If anything will have a small dinner with family ad do smaller portions like I have been working on for a little while.

To borrow a catch phrase from someone

So until next time keep our feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.. or in this case the bars of the next workout machine your heading to

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