This is why I’m here… Again!

Today was a day I would have taken an easy out.  It’s been a busy week, and this week 3 workout is not a favorite, but thanks to accountability through our At Home Team, I survived my 2nd workout this week. Thank you Connie!!!! Connie and I began meeting on Thursday afternoons last week to complete one of our weekly runs together.  This accountability is the reason I requested a second with RBL.  I know I do better when I have someone else who is dependent upon me showing up.

This is the feeling I also get when we meet on Saturday mornings. My team is waiting on me to show up. (Or at least I feel they are.) It is easy to stay in bed, or purposefully “forget” my workout clothes or sneakers when it is just me. I found out today that I am not the only one who can easily make excuses when there is no one to hold me accountable.  I know God put Connie and I on the same team for a reason, the reason being that there is no excuse when our offices are 100 yards apart across a parking lot.  There is no excuse when we are going through the same struggles and spend our runs together laughing about the same struggles and work related stresses. We are not only exercise accountability partners, but colleagues fighting the same battles.  Thank you God for my new friend! 🙂

An up date on my knee: Doctor said there is nothing to be concerned about, just keep working on strength training exercises. My workouts have been better with using both a Tommie Copper Sleeve and Neoprene Knee Brace sleeve on top.  Also icing a couple times a day to reduce swelling.  Good news too is my morning blood sugar readings are already coming down.  They were as high as 175 (with medication). In the past couple weeks they have dropped to the 140’s and and the lowest so far has been 136! While the scale is not dropping much, it has dropped… one pound… but the difference in how I look in the mirror and feel in my clothes has by far more weight on my feelings on my progress than the scale ever will.

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