Progress being made!!!

Yesterday I meet with Betsy and she said, lets go outside today. Sort of scared me, because all I could think is that she is going to have me running. Although I do need to start getting in shape for the 5K…I ABSOUTHLY HATE to run. Even as a child I did not run. I have tried to be a runner several times and people have told me that I will eventually love it…that has never happened.

Anyway we went outside for a long brisk walk and I really enjoyed being outside. The weather was nice and we ended up in Cleveland Park. We came across many people outside enjoying the weather either running, walking, biking and eating lunch.

We stopped at a couple of benches in the park and did left lifts, step ups, and then holdingo nto a monkey bar doing leg lifts.

I really enjoyed walking and talking with Betsy durning our walk, and it did not seem like we had actually walked the entire hours until the last 5-10 minutes.

Today when I went to work out I tackled the Elliptical. I impressed myself.I actually stayed on it for 20 minutes and man was I sweating. but it felt so good. I weighed again and I have lost another pound.

I know it sounds concieded, but I am PROUD of myself. I have come along way in the past couple of weeks. Feeling stronger, sleeping better and waking refreshed and ready to go to the Y.

Again, I am so thankful and blessed to be a part of this journey with God, RBL and the Cain Halter YMC.

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