Meant to be

I have been going to quite a few of classes at the gym and I love it. I love the fact that I’m going so out of my confort zone to do these and that I’m getting to do them with my team. Today I was meeting some of them to do a aqua Zumba class. I went to my gym first to do my strength trainning and to the one on Adams mill rd at 9 to do the class. Found out they had cancelled the class but there was a ultimate aqua class. I can’t swim so I was so disappointed because this class consist of the deep end too. I was going home but decided to wait to tell the others. My teammate came in and was disappointed too but the trainer came over and told us to come try it and that we could stay in the shallow end. So glad I stayed. So much fun. Such a great work out and my teammate told me she would have left if I had not been there. It was so meant to happen this way. I mean I was so disappointed. Out of my co fort zone but I didn’t want to miss a opportunity  and of course, our GOD always has a plan. Again the trainers at the YMCA took care of us.

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I'm a 60 year old wife and mother. I still work full time. I love God. I adore my family and am blessed. Ready to reclaim my health

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