Men make me mad!

Why do men lose weight so much faster than women? I’m really not mad, I’m super proud of the guys in our group that are looking good! I’m just a teeny but jealous that it isn’t falling off that fast on me. However, I will take responsibility that I’m not drinking the amount of water that I was and I’ve eaten some things I wasn’t in the beginning like bread and rice. On the plus side, I am still eating a lot healthier than I was, I don’t eat garbage food anymore, and I’m getting stronger everyday. Today I jogged longer on the treadmill then ever before, and even though it’s still not long, it’s more than I was. I’ve increased my pace and incline as well as length of time since I’ve started and considering a year ago I couldn’t walk around the grocery store due to pain, I’m elated! So now to get back to cutting out the white stuff and get back to drinking more water and get some more weight off!!

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