That moment when you realize that you have had the wrong date on your calendar for the RBL 5K ever since the initial phone screen.  I am certain that I was standing in front of the calendar when I was on the phone. I had to check the date before I could commit. I am certain that is when I wrote “5K – Rob’s Big Losers” in big letters across April 15. My heart is sinking. I only work one weekend a month. My weekend is April 22. I don’t know what I am going to do.

2 thoughts on “Agony”

  1. Maybe you can switch with somebody. At my work I can. I’ve done so several times. I’d talk to the boss and explain the significance of the 5k to you. Make a confident case.
    We stand behind you in your journey whether you can make it to the 5k or not.

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