Twelve Things I Have Learned So Far…

What I have learned so far…

  1. Getting into shape hurts, being out of shape hurts even more.
  2. Using My Fitness Pal helps monitor eating habits. Sometimes, a square of dark chocolate is what it takes to get the fat percentage just right.
  3. Life change begins as an idea. Once the idea takes root, it becomes a way of life.
  4. God’s people are incredible. Being united through Christ makes bonding in friendship and love a natural process.
  5. Being surrounded by encouragers is the best way to reach a goal.
  6. Having a buddy beside you is the best way to travel in unfamiliar territory.
  7. I am never too old to make new friends or new habits. I am never too old to learn something new.
  8. I am only as young as I feel. The best way to feel young is to move my body.
  9. Playing isn’t just for kids. The best trainers at the Y make exercise seem like play.
  10. You make time for the most important things in your life. If exercise becomes important, then the time is there and something less important will have to wait or disappear.
  11. Life is like carrying rocks in a bucket. The big, important rocks settle at the bottom, the little pebbles fill in the holes. Put the big rocks in the bucket first. Experiment to see which ones need to stay and which ones can go. Some days, trade out the rocks.
  12. God’s mercy is new every morning. Each day is the resetting of time. Yesterday is gone. If today didn’t go as I had hoped or planned, there is hope for a second chance tomorrow.

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