Wow… so here we are… the real deal!!  I have so many mixed emotions!  I am first so very thankful to be given this opportunity!  With this opportunity comes great expectations… I am determined to stay on track and succeed.  The key for me is being prepared, thinking ahead and always having a handful of “safe” foods… foods that I can go to in desperation.  I have downloaded the Lose it app and have been tracking foods.  I really like that one! I am excited and nervous for my gym weigh in and orientation Monday.  Next week is truly go time once exercise is introduced.. which is a weakness for me… but to get the results I want I know I must work today!!!  No more excuses and no more procrastinating…. 2018 will be my year… because I am determined to work hard to get where I want to be with the help of my Lord!  Best, Ali

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I am a wife to Billy, a mama to Ben and Ava, a lover of of all animals- especially Lily and Duke... and anything outdoors or ocean related! This is my journey... this is my time to focus on me and my health and to thank the Lord for almost 40 years of a good life filled with wonderful people I have meant along the way. Also, a time to be grateful for all of the blessings he has given me. I am excited to start this new healthy chapter to be here for my kids, honor the lord and be the best person I can be while I am here! My 2018 word is Courage.... so let’s do this thing!!! Thank you for following me and being part of this journey... it truly does take a village!

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