Being Prepared

Photo Feb 03, 8 54 54 AM.jpgEating healthy takes planning!! You have to think ahead so you don’t get so hungry you eat everything in sight. Yesterday was hard for me. I worked my first job, picked up my son from school, went to the store, got home to cook some chicken to divide up for meals, made my dinner to go then left for my second job. As I got near my second job I realized I left my food at home. OH NO!!!!! I was about to freak out because one I have food allergies and cant just eat anything, second I was hungry already! I remembered I put a chewy bar in my bag for this kind of situation!!  This little bar got me through the night!  I was hungry when I got home but decided if I walked into the kitchen I would not stop eating. I took a shower and went to bed. Its ok to tell your body to wait. This morning my eggs and veggies tasted so good!!

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