Stay strong and the change will come

So, I had been discouraged and I had to shake things up. 1. I needed to add a rest day back in. I already take Sunday off but my body really needs 2 days off. Especially with all the walking and running, I get tired and I go all the time. My sister got me afitbit and I have been able to see that there are just weeks that I am really getting in a tone of steps. That requires rest and I needed more calories.  I think it can be really hard to know how many calories I am really burning but obviously more than I thought. I upped my calories took a rest day and lost. I also just noticed that I have almost lost a total of 9 pounds. That’s actually really exciting. I’m around 163ish and started at 172. It can be really easy to not notice changes, but I have gone down a pants size and I want to see that a celebration. Because I only have another 20 to go, I know it won’t come off fast and in fact my hope was that Rob’s big loser would keep me focused. This has been the weight that I just have not been able to lose. 6 years ago when we moved here I was in the 170s and I inched my way up to the 210s. There were a lot of reasons why- I got sick. My daughter had a baby. my son was sick. Our finances. It was easy to make everybody else a priority. I’ll never forget the kick off and how over and over we kept hearing make this a time for you. Take care of your health and it will spread into other areas. And it has. I’m grateful for the support this group has been and especially having the chance to use the Y again, something I have not been able to afford the past few years. I am not in a race and I will keep remembering that this is a journey for my life- a marathon not a sprint. Here’s to 4 more weeks.

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