Beyond Frustrated

I am beyond frustrated! I am to the point of wanting to just cry! Something is going on with my body, and has been for a year…

I have been stuck in about a 10lb window since I had my ovaries removed a year ago. I go up, I go down, but I stay in that 10lb window. I’ve talked to several people about this window, and no one seems to know what’s causing the issue.

My PCP told me I was too fat and old to be running, and that I eat an unhealthy diet. Except, he clearly hasn’t looked at my food and exercise diary that I’ve given him, nor has he listened to a word I’ve said.

My rheumatologist said he really doesn’t know, but that he thinks inflammation could possibly have something to do with it. He suggested I keep working at it, and we would discuss a medicine for that at my next appointment.

A fitness/nutrition coach told me to be sure to eat 6 small meals and get enough calories. However, even when I’m doing that, I’m not losing. I was also told to start cross training, stop depending only on my running and hiking. I needed to be working out in other ways.

So, this morning, I got back on the scales and I’m up again… In that same window, I’m up…again!

Recap – I’m exercising 7 days a week. I’m burning an average of 900-1000 calories with exercise 6 of those days each week, I’m eating a healthy diet, I’m sleeping an average of 7-8 hours a night, and … nothing.

I’m exhausted, my routine is out of whack, my attitude is kind of crappy, and I’m beyond discouraged. It really stinks to be working this hard and not see any change for a year.

Pardon me while I go eat a celery stick, drink another bottle of water, and cry.


6 thoughts on “Beyond Frustrated”

  1. Besides wanting to cry because of the number on the scale, you didn’t mention how you’re feeling overall? Are you stronger today than a year ago? You certainly are exercising a lot! Do you ever give yourself a day to relax? My coach tells me not to focus on the scales but how I’m feeling overall. I do feel your pain because at weigh-ins last night I hadn’t lost a pound despite my workouts and pretty good food intake but I am choosing to focus on what I’m able to do today that I couldn’t do a few weeks ago and be happy in those accomplishments.

    1. I’m exhausted. My body is tired, I don’t feel like I’m getting any stronger. I could say it is stress, but I was much more stressed this time last year than I am now. I really just don’t know. I’m praying maybe my rheumatologist will have some ideas when I see him Friday.

  2. Oh Lena I hear you and feel the frustration. Prayers for the doctor to have some answers. You will overcome this mountain – you are amazing and have conquered many obstacles! This is a challenge – it stinks – its hard but you have survived so much more- that doesn’t mean it isn’t frustrating and that you don’t deserve to grieve, kick, yell but then give it a TKO. You got this girl 😉

  3. Ohhhhh BOY! WE NEED TO TALK! I was doing just this. I kept going back and forth to the doctors saying I dont feel well. My weight is driving me crazy. I’m trying. Im not eating. The answer . . . well, your getting older. Well, our bodies change. Well. . . ugh!!!! Long story short – Thyroid – .hashimoto’s thyroid. I’m private messaging you.

  4. Another thought…perhaps you are exercising too much and not giving your body time to recover. Betsy told me to run slower on the treadmill. I dropped 0.5 mph and it made a HUGE difference. Chelsi told me to separate my cardio from my ActivTrax days. Yesterday, I just walked on the treadmill after my workout. I planned to do cardio today, but an emergency trip to the eye doctor with my daughter derailed that plan. (She’s fine) And, I am taking rest days. I’ve started listening to my body. If I am still sore, I don’t work out. If I am still fatigued, I take it easy. All that is helping. I figure if I slow things down, I’ll eventually build endurance. If I don’t slow things down, I’ll end up doing more harm than good.

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