Sickness EVERYWHERE!!!

I’m not gonna sit here and tell you my week has been daisies and roses when it hasn’t. Everybody I have talked to has been sick or knows someone that was!! My crazy week started last Wednesday when my husband lost his grandpa. The wake was Saturday night and the funeral was Sunday with a family gathering after the funeral at the grandparents old house. Now my husband has a HUGE family!! 11 kids is what his grandpa had and 30+ grandkids and even more great grandkids so we had quite a bit of food there. I got there thinking ok I can still do this low carb thing I’ll just eat the fried chicken without the skin and green beans. Well I was not feeling good that day I have noticed that green tea has a lot of vitamin c in it and so my husband got me some green tea and we did not look at the back till the end when I was done drinking it and it was 24 carbs for what I just drank!!! I was a little bit upset but I was like that’s ok I will just make tonight my carb night for the week so that’s what I did. Woke up feeling worse on Monday with a bad sinus infection but I still went to the gym and did what I could(which was not much since I couldn’t breathe) but at least I tried!! Tuesday didn’t feel any better and I stuck to my diet but decided to take a day off and let my body rest and I drank some Apple Cider Vinegar which I have heard helps to shorten colds and woke up today feeling good!!! Maybe a little tired cause I have not been eating much but the sinus was gone!! Its amazing what just a little bit of that stuff can do. I also have weighed myself and the scale has not changed much but my waist and chest has changed which I love!! I was a little worried because a couple of months ago I couldn’t fit the pants I wore to the funeral but tried them on last week and it was easy to get on!! SO excited!! Hope everybody that is sick feels better!

One thought on “Sickness EVERYWHERE!!!”

  1. Sorry for your rough week and congratulations on expanding your wardrobe by shrinking your waist – that is always exciting. Congratulations on persevering through a tough week!

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