Prayers Please!!!

So I started my week as normal. Monday I started my workout with a brisk walk, nothing intense, no jogging. Then I did my strength training with no problem.

At work, I try to walk around the dealership 1-2 times an hour to keep my body moving. That wasn’t a problem until the afternoon.

I went on my first afternoon walk and I felt dull pain in the right side of my right foot, near my ankle. After walking I realized it only hurt when I’m on my feet and it gets worse the more I move. When I’m sitting or laying down it’s fine. So it seems like it might be a sprain but it was so gradual that I’m not sure.

I hate it because we don’t really have insurance/money to go get it checked out. This morning I did the bike instead of my normal treadmill routine and I was able to get through my strength training just fine. Again it’s only when I am walking, or actively putting weight on it that it is bothered, though I can do leg presses no problem.

Walking and jogging are out for now. I’m icing it every couple hours, wearing an ankle brace and praying it starts to heal on it’s own so I can continue my health journey unimpeded.

Right now I’m relying on God’s strength to help me push through and find ways I can still continue on my health journey despite this unplanned detour.

4 thoughts on “Prayers Please!!!”

  1. Gus I hope you heal fast. Take it easy while you are injured. You’ll just have to work harder in the kitchen. You’ve got this!

  2. Hopefully just a bad bruise… playing around with biking style takes pressure off most joints and lets you vary up muscle groups you use. Feel better!

  3. Praying for you Gus. God will strengthen you. Search for his guidance. I really hope you feel better soon. 🙂

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