Amazing Support

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. – Proverbs 27:17

How are doing reader?  Me, I have some good days, I have some blah days, but I am blessed to have amazing support!  I have friends I can call on anytime of day or night.  A couple of them I talk to every single day.  These individuals truly know my best, my worst, my fears, my hopes.  I also have a great family that mostly lives nearby.  Some acquaintances and some new friends and even some strangers rooting for me because they at least know one thing about me – I want to get healthier.  Not just say it because we are expected to say we want to live in good health.  But that I have claimed 2017 as my Year to hit ultimate health for myself or at least give every single drop of sweat, every frustrated whine/grunt, every single last hunger pain to really be my best version.  Because God wants me at my best to show up for the work /purpose God has called me specifically to do.  That’s true for every person reading this and for that matter for every person not.  God created all of us to be us and our best versions so that we can serve God and each other.

That’s right we are called to be in relationship with one another.  I can’t believe how much more aware I’ve become of other people since RBL 2017 began!  A lot of people think I am an extrovert – certain energies and environments help me go full blast but I need recuperation time – it gets draining.  But this environment created has really plugged me into my extrovert social side.

Can we be real – the gym is an intimidating place! There are these amazingly buff people who you know in a glance have been there more than a time or two.  Their muscles and confidence – Wow!  Let’s just say it makes me want to hightail it and head back to my car sometimes.  It makes the wallflower side of me freeze and pray for camouflage – just maybe if I stay real still I will blend in with this treadmill!  Except I tend to wear a bright blue t-shirt EVERYTIME I’m in the gym.  It’s been several weeks I’ve been going and for the most part know the lay of gym floor and equipment.  But there are times I scan my recommended workout – see the dumbbells required and gulp – usually check out the area.  Is it on the slow side? Or wait until it clears out?  I’m getting braver to just go over there when I need to get the workout done but I am still nervous for one of these buff characters to call me out as a phony.  But it hasn’t happened – not a single time and I am going to roughly estimate I’ve seen at least 500 – 750 different people in the gym (really rough estimate and I go a scattering of times so I rarely see the same group).  I approached a lady yesterday to share a piece of equipment to balance as I did a one legged dumbbell calf raise (I’m throwing that out there because the first time I read that on my workout I went huh? but now I know – learning every day – every SINGLE day!).  She gave me the sweetest smile and nodded of course.  Today I reached for a dumbbell and there was only one.  I glanced around in my confusion.  And one of the buff gentleman approached me – are you looking for the missing one?  I was ready to squeak no and scurry like a mouse across the floor.  Except he was super jovial and friendly.  He pointed that he had used it to prop open the door.  Exchanged it and handed me my missing dumbbell.  I am still astounded that strangers want to help me on my journey to good health.  For so long I spent fixated that people I didn’t know would ridicule me, stand in opposition, or at least silently mock me.  How we build up and believe these ridiculous lies!

This experience creating a team atmosphere in a radio family world is nothing less than comforting, mind-blowing, and Amazing!!!  We who listen to His Radio pray together, share our stories, cheer on life moments, and come together in amazing support.  Because of everyone sharpening my iron I am becoming daily one step closer to my goal of me being my best version for God.  I wouldn’t be the same without all of you! Thank you for the prayers, the encouragement, and amazing support!   This girl feels blessed – Thank you! Lets keep working together to sharpen one another!

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