I’m still here!

I feel awful that I did not post ANYTHING last week! I promise to try and do better this week.

By contrast, I had a pretty successful last two weeks working out and eating healthier. The last full week of February, I got in 5 workouts, and last week I had 4. AND I think I even lost a few pounds.

My work week was a circus, but I won’t go there… So glad I have the opportunity to go to the gym and work out all the stress.

I am aiming for another 4 – 5 workouts this week. Yesterday was NOT a good day for food choices, but I will not beat myself up over it. (I was out of town all day – went to the Big South Basketball Finals – AND got to see all 3 of my children. So what I ate comes second fiddle.) Today I will be back on track.

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