So here we are, almost at the end of week 6, halfway through the competition, and I find myself looking back on the past few weeks and realizing how fast the time has flown!

Now I could talk about how easy it has been to change so much about how I eat, or how easy all of these workouts have been, but something tells me you know better than that..

I have been working my self to death 6 days a week, and then I get on the scale and I’m down 1 pound, ONE POUND, or even NOTHING!!

And I wonder, how in the world am I ever going to get to my goal weight? I second guess the program, and then I hear those four little words, from a loving father, “my will be done”

❤️ Of course, for it was thee who made this opportunity possible, and it is thee who takes the pain from these run down, diseased knees, and it is thee who gives me the energy boost I need to make it to that 3rd mile, it is thee who take the cravings from my brain, and it is thee who helps me keep it all together and not go insane..

it is thee and not me !

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