One Week

One week down and a lifetime to go…this week has been a busy one from making new food choices, my Wellness Works appointment, my first team meeting, and learning to work in time at the gym. Food choices take time and thought and planning but I am already feeling better by just changing my eating habits. I do have to be careful though not to over think it and take too many calories away. If I do that then, I am sluggish and unmotivated which was the case Sunday. I think the most interesting thing so far is how much I enjoy going to workout. I was never a gym rat and matter of fact had never even been in a gym till this. I won’t lie I have had some frustrating moments in there where I don’t understand equipment or I can’t do as much as I want because my body isn’t strong enough yet. It is moments like that though that push me harder and motivate me.

My special moment of the week was seeing my kids work out with me. We are all on this journey together to becoming better people both inside and out.

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