Self control

Photo Feb 16, 7 24 14 PM.jpgWe ate out at El Tejano Mexican restaurant. I don’t get to eat out much do to food allergies but have eaten here and never had a reaction. The problem eating at any Mexican restaurant is self control over how many chips you eat! I have been really good with my food choices this week and did not want to mess it up by eating a whole basket of chips. I decided to count out ten chips. I then saw how many I would have instead of mindlessly eating chips and not know how many I had stuffed in my face.  I also had a whole bowl of salsa with the ten chips. Yummy

One thought on “Self control”

  1. I learned to do that on Weight Watchers and I would break one chip at a time up into small pieces so I would think I was eating a whole lot more… go girl, missed you last night, hope school went well.

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