Reality Check!

Hey everyone! I’ve been thinking about my journey on RBL2018 and have realized I have lost a lot of weight and inches off my waist. I really feel a lot better now overall. My pants size was 54 and is now 46. I’m doing really well so far I thought, but in reality I have let my self slowly go from working out 5 days a week and eating a really good diet that I worked on every week to making excuses to not go as much to the Y. When I go to the Y, I work really hard. I want to get back into my regular routine of going often to the Y. I don’t want to waste my opportunity I was given. Staying motivated is harder than I imagined. I believe every so often I will need to ask myself if I’m where I want to be in life with all aspects. I want to make a life style change that last longer that April 21, 2018. I want to look back and say in 2028, I remember the year I was given an opportunity to change my life and I’m still on my journey today. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone. I’m going to make it.

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