Week 2 is done! (but not yet)

Week 2 has come to a close!  Yesterday the group got together to run the last Week 2 workout for C25K.  I was there- but barely.

My kids have been sick off and on all week.  It started with the 7mo having a fever around 102… it went down with one dose of meds, but she’s been a snotty coughing mess since.  My 2yo son woke up from a nap on Friday with a fever of 103- and neither slept well overnight.  I was up from 4-6am (after not nearly enough sleep) holding the sick boy, and finally got him back to sleep.  I got another hour or so of sleep when the time came to get up and get ready to meet up with everyone at the Y.  I was seriously considering not going- I was totally exhausted, and my son didn’t want to let me out of his sight.  I was planning to spend the morning cuddling him on the couch…

But then I decided I needed to go.  And if he wouldn’t let me go, I’d just take him.  So- I packed up the stroller and brought him along!  It was so much harder pushing the stroller, but we made it through around half of the workout… then he started to get fussy and yell “walk!”.  So- I let him walk.  He even decided to run a bit when he saw everyone else running… so we trotted along- with him holding his waffle the entire way.  It’s amazing how much better he felt with a bit of fresh air!  He felt better most of the day, but was up again in the middle of the night with a fever- so I’m still exhausted.  And still have to finish week 2.

Here’s to hoping everyone is well soon, and I can get back on track!

(and if you’re wondering, yes- I finally got new shoes.  and yes, my shins and feet still hurt!)

2 thoughts on “Week 2 is done! (but not yet)”

  1. Yeah on the new shoes! They will serve you well. Your amazing to be there while going through all you are doing. That proves you are resolute, mighty and strong. Just like your Creator. Blessings this week. I am keeping your young man in prayer.

  2. So proud of you for putting yourself first! That fresh air gives us perspective to love our kiddos more than if we stayed inside. Good for you.

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