I’ve been at my daughter house all week and came home last night. Just left my shoes in the car because I was  getting up early to go to gym. Pulled up at gym and when I went to change shoes realized I had grabbed my grandaughters shoes. I live quite a ways from gym and was so upset. I was just going to go back home. Wasn’t meant to be. But as I was driving,it hit me that I was giving up again. Needed the workout.Had been unable to go last week as much because I was out of town. So I went and brought me a new pair of shoes and went back and did my workout. The shoe store even have me 15 dollars off when I told them. So the devil lost this one and I got a new pair of shoes. BLESSING 

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I'm a 60 year old wife and mother. I still work full time. I love God. I adore my family and am blessed. Ready to reclaim my health

One thought on “THE DEVIL LOST ”

  1. Becky I love this! No excuses – problem solve! What an inspiring perspective to share with us readers (and RBLers) but also to that shoe salesperson! *applause* because you are a rock star!

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