Pedal pedal pedal

How exciting took my first spin class last night we have a wonderful gym at our office and while I couldn’t do everything I certainly got a great start!! I will be doing another spin class today as this will help build my cardio along with the plan it is gentle on the knees and I feel fantastic when done.

I am so excited to be able to add more things to the plan it makes a huge difference for me to push myself to gain more strength and the ultimate goal is to be the healthiest that I can be!

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I am a Christian, a Mother, a daughter, a Grandmother, a sister and an Aunt.

One thought on “Pedal pedal pedal”

  1. Cendy – Keep pedaling . . . the pounds will fall off. I saw a sign one time that said, “It is not sweat . . . it is my fat crying!” – LOL! I think about the pounds coming off each time I am sweating like a pig in the gym. I see a few of our fellow RBL’s at my Eastside YMCA and I am always praying for them and try to offer a kind word of encouragement. Funny thing is that these folks are working harder than anyone else in the gym. They are inspiring me to be better . . . you are inspiring me to be better. Proud of you Cendy!

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